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Our expertise at the service of your company...

But Double U Solutions does not offer only its expertise in order to provide solutions to your IT needs. At Double U, we are totally convinced that successful co-operation is based on a partnership of trust, which needs to be established, from the very first phases of a project, between the client and ourselves. Trust through the way in which the project is managed and the ongoing support and after-sales service that we provide. Trust also through the close involvement of our team in the project and its development. Finally, trust based on our reliability and professionalism in fulfilling our commitments. That is why we focus our service strategy on 6 key principles, each of which is a key element in any successful working relationship, in order to provide you with a tailor-made solution to your specific requirements.

  • Quality

    We ensure quality at all times: from the initial personalised welcome until completion of the contract, and afterwards, for all maintenance needs. Our quality approach is based on the reliability of our work and our advice, and the quick response of our after-sales service.

  • Interactivity

    At Double U, as a client, you will never be an impersonal third party. Our experience has taught us the importance of the client’s active participation in all phases of the development of a project, not simply during the analysis phase and the subsequent elaboration of the work plan. We are aware of the challenge that your IT needs represent in an increasingly globalised world based on information networks. We also know how important it is to take into consideration your economic constraints and imperatives when developing solutions to your needs. That is why we share your operating realities and challenges in a partnership based on an ongoing dialogue.

  • Dynamism

    - Dynamism in the products proposed. We are not afraid of meeting challenges. We do not restrict our services to a range of products nor to a technology. Our area of expertise covers many different types of projects with multiple development platforms.
    - Dynamism in our work: that of our team of young IT specialists, who are passionately committed to their work, all alert to the latest developments in the increasingly complex world of new technologies.

  • Transparency
    At Double U we ensure that the client is kept fully informed. We have a policy of total transparency and availability at all times, both when drawing up documents and communicating on the progress of our developments.

  • Seriousness
    Our emphasis on quality goes hand in hand with the values that guarantee such quality. We attach particular importance to meeting deadlines agreed with the client, providing clear information and ensuring professionalism in all aspects of our dealings with the client.

  • Confidentiality
    We are committed both to transparency and respecting the client’s confidentiality. Like any IT services company, we are bound by rules of professional secrecy. We also take care to optimise the security and inviolability of information in the design of new software solutions, especially as regards those deployed on a Web platform.
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